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600/50R22.5 167D Agro Grip HD on MUS-MAX wood chipper

600/50R22.5 167D Agro Grip HD on MUS-MAX wood chipper

In the second half of 2019 the new 600/50R22.5 167D Agro Grip HD was added to the wide range of TIANLI Agro Grip flotation radial series.

Key features of this Heavy Duty version are the three steel belt layers and a massive load capacity of 7410 kg @ 40 km/h and 5450 kg @ 65 km/h.

The tread design enables high transport performance, low rolling resistance and good self-cleaning properties even in wet conditions.

The 600/50R22.5 167D Agro Grip HD is suitable for: wood chippers, hook-lifts and dump trailers

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TIANLI stands for high quality tyres with modern patterns used on all kinds of equipment and applications covering agriculture, forestry, industrial use- and construction

The manufacturer of TIANLI tyres is Tianjin United & Rubber International Co., Ltd. (TUTRIC), founded in 1985 as a joint venture with a Canadian tyre manufacturer

TUTRIC was the first Chinese manufacturer to invest in the development of forestry, flotation and tractor radial tyres.

Today, TUTRIC offers more than 300 differents sizes, ranging from 15 to 63 inches in more than 1600 variations. TIANLI tyres are exported to over than 70 countries worldwide. Production processes are in accordance with the standards of ISO9001 Version 2015 in 2018 and adhere to all international market regulations.

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